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Our tasks

Under the power and happiness of our country, bank industry development of Turkmenistan is one of the priority of economic growth. In accordance with “Government program of bank system development

for the 2011-2030 period” admitted by the President of the Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedov, large work is carried out on implementation of innovative achievements, modernization and improvement of facility of the state monetary institutions. Foundation of JSB “Rysgal” institution, in the form of public limited company (open stock Company), by the entrepreneurs of the country in the 2011 year became one of the most significant phenomenon from the date of the acceptance of government program on bank system development.
By the right of the license, issued by Central Bank of Turkmenistan, JSB “Rysgal” services enterprises of national economics with wide range facility with various forms of property, entrepreneurs involved in small and medium business and individual clients.
Since banking institutions, it had responsible charged to fulfil on stimulation of non-state economy sector development of Turkmenistan. Therefore, major tasks of the bank comprise commonwealth social welfare by means of securing successful business formation of the bank customers, as well as all round extension work of small and medium business via provision of broad range of high performance banking goods and services.
Another important bank operation environment is allocation of large financial resources for the development of private sector of economy in accordance with a decree of the Honored President of the Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedov, on rendering national support to the entrepreneurial business.
On an account of allocated funds hereto intentions, our bank refunded large-scale capital investment projects such as construction of shopping and leisure centers, and other cultural and social dedicated projects in Ashgabat city, construction of hotels and cottage type houses in the State touristic zone “Avaza”, construction of cattle-breading, fish and poultry production units all over the country.
Bank “Rysgal” adopts active participation in realization of government program on entity maintenance of small and medium business. One of the priority of bank in the region of financing composes credit facility of farm association, farm properties, agricultural manufacturers, farm operators and other facility entity of this sphere, in accordance with a decree of the President of the Turkmenistan “About Financial Support agricultural farmers” based on the Program of Turkmenistan Central Bank concerning extension of credit on easy terms.
The new types of concessional lending by еру bank include such activities, as the production of agricultural commodities, services, investment projects in agriculture, related to the development of poultry and livestock sectors, as well as the granting of loans at 5 percent interest per annum for 10 years to buy fixed assets and property.
In order to promote entrepreneurship and expand of the range of banking services on the market, the bank made investments in the development of new lending methods to support the start-ups. One of the successful credit projects, developed and actively implemented by the bank “Rysgal”, is the “Credit-profit-right” program. This type of lending is aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs at the stage of business formation, when there is an urgent need for additional funds.
By maintaining the national Turkmen carpet weaving traditions, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan, the Bank financed investment project of the Open Joint Stock Company “Abadan haly” for the construction of a large carpet enterprise in Abadan etrap of Ashgabat city with an annual production capacity of 800 000 square meters of carpeting products.
Another major investment projects financed by the bank, is the construction of an industrial facility for rearing and processing of sturgeon on the Caspian Sea coast in Turkmenbashy etrap of Balkan velayat.
The Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Rysgal” is one of the fastest growing banks in Turkmenistan. The Bank has occupied a strong and competitive position in the financial market of the country. This is a striking illustration of the high quality of services provided by the bank, as well as one of the main indicators of effectiveness of the Bank's activities.
Further improvement of the activity is the basic strategy of the bank. The specified in basic strategy short-term goals include: expanding the range and improving the quality of services rendered to the population; the introduction of modern international experience and innovative technologies into the bank’s performance; the introduction and widespread use of bank payment cards and new non-cash payments methods; more efficient use of loan funds by improving the structure of crediting small and medium-sized businesses, corporate clients and individual enterprises; expanding the range of merchant acquiring, payroll projects, factoring and leasing operations, etc.
The realization of the above-stated objectives will improve the efficiency of the bank's activities, and contribute to the implementation of the program of economic reforms that has been initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the purpose of bringing Turkmenistan into line with the developed countries of the world.
Today, we are ready to offer you a wide range of banking products and services on an individual-customer service basis. Only trust and reliability that is established in the course of relations between the Client and the Bank can stimulate achievement of the set goals. Therefore, we believe that we will maintain long-term, confidential and mutually beneficial cooperation with you, which will result in rapid growth of both sides.


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