Joint stock commercial bank “Rysgal”



FAQ About cards

It is important to know 

Nobody should know you PIN code except you.
Keep PIN envelope out of the reach of anybody except you and don’t lose it.  
If you connect to service SMS by means of ABM you will be able to check every your action by receiving mobile phone message.  
You can carry out various non-cash transactions by means of your mobile bank “Rysgal Bank”.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many days will it take to issue the cards?
Cards are issued during 15 (fifteen) days.
I have lost my plastic card and I am afraid of theft of my card money resources!
You can call 96-46-96 and say your password to block plastic card and then to rewrite application and to restore plastic card.
Plastic card is broken (damaged).
You can rewrite application and to restore your card. 
I forgot my PIN code
Have a look at your PIN envelop. If it is impossible you can write application and to get new PIN envelop.

Security measures

  • Do not write CVC code and card password on card itself and do not say it to anybody.
  • Be careful of giving your card to any other person to withdraw cash in ABM. 
  • If you need help of other person for cash withdrawal in ABM:
  • Ask to help you the person who is reliable and familiar to you;
  • Ask to show to you, what buttons of ABM you should press;
  • Do not show to the person helping you your PIN code, enter it;
  • Take cash from ABM with your own hands.