Joint stock commercial bank “Rysgal”



FAQ About loans

How to pay the credit

Credit repayment is carried out monthly by equal (annuity) payment.
Ways of credit repayment 
Repayment by means of mobile wallet of bank "Rysgal"


Preschedule repayment of the credit

You can repay credit in advanced (partially or completely) without the commission.
1. Submit the application for preschedule repayment.
2. Change conditions of payment of the credit: reduce term or the sum of monthly payment.
3. Grant the sum of preschedule payment into the account in time.
How can I know the processing information on monthly payment and the debts rest?


Requirements to documents

What period is it necessary to give certificate of incomes for?
Certificate of incomes is given with income explanation for last 6 months. 
Is it possible to set up on open credit for the individual entrepreneur as private person?
Consumer credits are not given to individual entrepreneurs.
Can I obtain the credit for myself if I am the guarantor by other credit?
We can answer this question only after the analysis of your creditworthiness and the submitted set of documents. If your income is enough for loan and guarantee service, the credit can be given out.
I am a military man, can I obtain credit?
Yes, you can obtain the credit. It is necessary to give documents according to the standard list. Thus you should give the following documents in addition: proof of employment, a copy of one of the documents confirming length of employment, the identification card of the officer/military man, the labour contract (if the contract has confidential character, then  the certificate of the military man confirming the experience of work more than 1 year).
Application for credit and its reception
How can I obtain the credit?
Granting of the credit to the borrower is carried out by Bank by single or staggered granting, in the non-cash account form by transfer on instructions or to plastic credit cards.
If the bank refused you in credit granting when can I submit application for the second time?
You can submit application for the second time at the end of 90 days from the moment of making of the negative decision by bank on previous application for the consumer credit. It is more useful to do it in case of improvement/stabilization of the financial position confirmed by documents.


What should you do if you have forgotten or had not time to enter monthly payment in time?
If you have forgotten to enter monthly payment, do it as soon as possible by any of possible ways of repayment of the credit. Because all your payments are fixed in your credit history. 
When is it necessary to enter money resources for repayment?
It is necessary to refill f account in sum equal to monthly annuity payment, specified in the repayment schedule.
Is the date postponed if it is the day off/holiday?
In a case if payment date is on the day off/holiday, it is postponed the next working day.
Can the third party pay my credit?
Your friends or relatives can pay for the credit, for this purpose they should address to bank department with their passport and number of your credit contract.