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QR code

To conclude purchase and to make payment by means of the mobile device at any places, including web shops, taxi, restaurants, POS and so on, and also to pay any paper receipts (housing and public services, light, water, gas, overhaul, telecommunication, the Internet, penalties, taxes and others) were like a dream.
But today it is a reality. The payment system «QR code» and digital wallet «Rysgal Pay» allows to carry out any payments from your mobile device quickly, convenient and reliable.

QR code (Quick Response) is a payment infrastructure for mobile devices on the basis of technologies of QR-coding by means of two-dimensional matrix codes and usual linear bar codes. 

Install the application of digital wallet of our bank «Rysgal Pay», recharge it in any way convenient for you and read out «a square code» for payment fulfillment.
It is so simple. It is so convenient. It is so quickly. It is so reliably.