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Scale work on digitizing of the national economy and transformation of our country into the developed state with modern electronic industry is carried out in Turkmenistan at the initiative and under leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov. One of the main goals, maintenance of consecutive realization of the market transformations adapted for conditions of hi-tech digital economy and electronic industry, is specified in the Program of social and economic development of Turkmenistan for 2019-2025.

The special role in the decision of these problems is assigned to banks, whose the basic tendencies of development at the present stage are use of remote service, including the Internet and mobile banking, electronic means of mutual settlements, other financial instruments. Possibility to give to the population a set of given services is one of the main advantages of bank systems of the various countries.

More widely Banks of Turkmenistan master the perspective technologies of the remote service that have general name - the Internet-banking.

The history the Internet-banking traces its roots to 1980’s of previous century when system Home Banking giving to investors possibility to check their accounts being connected to the bank computer through phone was created in the USA. Further, in process of development of the Internet and the Internet - technologies, banks started to introduce systems which allowed investors to receive the information on the accounts through the Internet.

For the first time money resources transfer service was introduced in 1994 in the USA by the Stanford Federal Credit Union. The first bank, achieved success in online-banking, was the Bank of America. Now More than 50 percent of the population uses such kind of services in the countries of the Western Europe and America, and among full-aged Internet users this number reaches 90 percent.

Let's remind our readers, what possibilities the system Internet-banking gives us. First of all, it is easy and quickly: to receive the information on the exchange rates, new banking products, bank news, to own the information on your finance. The client can connect/disconnect to SMS services, receive extracts of the account on e-mail, make auto-payment, regular payments for apartment, IP-TV, refill balance of mobile or a home telephone, pay back a loan, and also transfer means from card to card, see history of payments on types of service, carried out in system, etc.

The Internet-banking allows to control money resources which are on the account to which the bank payment card is issued, without leaving the house, without leaving office or simply having a rest on a resort in any place of the world, 24 hours a day 7 days in a week. Being guided by strategic problems of a state policy in the field of development of bank system of the country on scientific-innovative basis, and also the concept of continuous perfection of the activity, Joint-stock bank "Rysgal" aspires to create such model of functioning which will be entirely meet the interests of modern public processes, to react creatively to changes of real demand for various kinds of the bank services. So, today JSB «Rysgal» masters a new perspective direction of development of digital services and carries out works on introduction of high-grade remote bank service "Internet-banking".

It stands to mention that Internet-banking system existing in our country, given to many banks, includes only service in viewing of extracts in accounts. JSB «Rysgal» , the first one, intends to offer its clients not only viewing of movements by accounts. In the near future services to clients will be added by operational possibilities - management of assets and settlement operations in distance with use of multifactorial identification of the client, and at any time and from any device having access to Internet.

Clients of bank, without leaving office, could control not only the bank accounts, but also essentially reduce costs and save time. Thanks to Internet banking interrelation  client-bank will become more operative, the distance between the manufacturer and the consumer of bank services will be reduced largely, promoting service development, both in quantitative, and in qualitative position. Simultaneously the bank improves system of protection of clients, applying the mechanisms, called to at least guarantee, if not to raise safety of online banking use. Modern kinds of bank services are supposed to be introduced into whole branch network and to unite into unified system of functioning.

Implementation of the given project for JSB «Rysgal» will become important step in realization of their strategic targets and tasks, and also will serve the development of bank system of the country and its the international level exit.

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