Joint stock commercial bank “Rysgal”



Personal loans and mortgage

Mortgage credits are given:

The list of documents,
Necessary for question consideration

About mortgage loan granting in АКБ "Rysgal"

1. Photo of the borrower 3*4 - 1 piece
2. Questionnaire of the borrower of set form. (It is filled in bank)
3. Application for granting of the credit of set form. (It is filled in bank)
4. The Copy of the passport of the Borrower (it is necessary to have the original with you).
5. Certificate of family composition Form № 3 (family composition).
6. Contract copy for apartment purchase (house or the contract on participation in equity construction);
7. Copy of the receipt on part payment (not less than 30-50 %) from contract cost on apartment purchase;
8. Copy of the passport of husband (wife);
9. Written consent of husband (wife) on pledge of the house (apartment);
10. Confirmation of employment showing position, period of employment, level of income and level of deductions;
11. Copy of employment book of the Borrower, authenticated by the employer;
12. Copy of the book of employee insurance payment (if he/ she works in a private sector);
13. In a case if the borrower receives incomes of enterprise activity:
14. In a case if the borrower or a member of the family receives incomes as the founder of the enterprise:
15. If the income of members of a family (the relatives officially registered at the address of the borrower) is offered in guarantee of credit repayment those is offered:

Cash credit is given:


The maximum sum of the credit can be:

Granting of the credit to the borrower is carried out by Bank by single or staggered granting, in the non-cash account form by transfer under his instructions or to plastic credit cards. 

The list of documents for reception of the consumer credit

At applying with the request to Bank for credit granting the potential borrower should submit to bank officer the following documents:
To the persons who are entrepreneurs without the formation of the legal entity, it is necessary to submit notarized copies of Certificate of Registration (license) and the declaration on incomes for last fiscal period with obligatory showing of the received net profit with a tax department mark about acceptance.
Copies of the documents confirming presence of credit guarantee:
In case of granting of collateralized property:
In a case if guarantee of credit repayment is suretyship, it is necessary to give: 
Some kinds of guarantee of obligations execution under the credit contract can be used simultaneously for the purpose of decrease in credit risk, and also other documents can be called.
Documents acceptance on granting credit is carried out directly from potential borrowers and guarantors.