Joint stock commercial bank “Rysgal”



About bank

Full name  Joint-Stock Commercial Bank «Rysgal»
Brief name JSCB «Rysgal»
Name in Turkmen «Rysgal» Paydarlar tajircilik banky
Brief name in Turkmen «Rysgal» PTB
Location  1946 (Ankara) Street, bld.23, the city of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan  P.O. 744004
Correspondence address 1946 (Ankara) Street, bld.23, the city of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan  P.O. 744004
Number of bank licence, given by The Central Bank of Turkmenistan № 1-24-37-03 dated on 07.10.2018.
Primary State Registration Number 24580253
Date of post into Unified State Register of Legal Entities of record about State registration of banking company 11th of October, 2011.
Taxpayer Identification Code (INN) 101731005495
Bank is included into register of banks-participants of compulsory endowment assurance system № 102 dated on 11.10.2011.
Size of the Charter Capital 40 million manats.
Authorities supervised credit organization activity The Central Bank of Turkmenistan 
P.O.744000, Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan  
Phones: (+993 12) 38-10-27, (+993 12) 92-08-12
Information for checking of facts of bank guarantee issue by beneficiary customs Internal structural subdivision, that provides operations in bank guarantee issues:  Credit Department
phone (+993 12) 96-46-35 


Mission and values

The essential goal of Bank activity is a financial support of private sector of the country, small and medium business by granting to clients of broad spectrum of bank products. The priority of client interest, commitment to the international quality standards, ability to think widely and high level of rendered services help to build confidential relations which are in our activity and reputation foundation.


Possibilities and potential of the development of JCB "Rysgal" will be defined largely further by proceeding processes of concentration of the capital in the country, expanded production, growth of the financial and consumer markets volumes that in mid-term will be one of the most fast-growing and attractive.
Involvement into processes of realization of state programs of development, industrial and, at last, the financial purposes of Bank, will unite further into a triune goal on formation and effective functioning of the modern and scale subject of the economy, capable to solve global tasks and to play a key role in economy. Reasoning from this fact of perspective of development horizons of JCB "Rysgal", the most significant aspects of its functioning will be focused on:

  • Formation of such kind of financial statement structure which would provide dynamic growth of financial indicators of Bank;
  • Increase of efficiency of active operations and improvement of quality of a loan portfolio;
  • Improvement of structure of operational processes management;
  • Systematization of risk management, for reliability and stability of Bank assurance;
  • Further development of offered services and products, at higher innovative level.

Integrated solution of these tasks will allow to receive maximum synergistic effect from initiatives offering. The bank on a regular basis will estimate resources necessary for realization of strategic goals. Factorial and scenario analysis will be used for is purpose. It will allow to model and regulate target parameters of Bank development, will create flexible system of monitoring of development in the conditions of change of world macroeconomic indicators, and home market environment.

Bank mission is oriented on development of its potential and realization of unique possibilities which provide home market and the international financial system. Realization of mission will allow to create modern institute of which not only its employees, but also the whole country could be proud. Keeping dynamic developing and reliable subject of economy, the Bank offers to take the following step in direction of its development and to become one of the best in new, modern and prosperous Turkmenistan.

Bank in regions

Bank has opened branches in all regions of the country for the purpose of territorial banking expansion and surety of bank interests beyond its location, for more effective using and accumulation of financial resources. The further development of branches considers efficiency of the most effective mechanisms of monitoring for identifying reserves of increase of economic efficiency of bank in regions.

Аddress and contacts

Head office, Ashgabat city:
Address: Turkmenistan, Ashgabat city,
1946 (Ankara) Street, build № 23
Phone numbers: +993-12-96-46-10,
+993-12-96-46-20, +993-12-96-46-30


address: Turkmenistan, city Balkanabat,
211-microdistrict, build № 72
tel.: +993-222-2-33-88, +993-222-2-33-66


Address: Turkmenistan, city Dashoguz,
avenue Mahtumkuli, build № 5/3
Tel: +993-12-96-46-06, +993-12 96-46-87,
+993-322-2-42-91/ +993-322-2-42-84



Address: Turkmenistan, city Mary,
street Bitaraplyk, build № 18
Tel.: +993-522-7-08-29, +993-522-7-08-62;


address: Turkmenistan, city Turkmenabat,
street A.Garlyyev
Tel.: +993-422-4-35-20, +993-422-4-35-24,
+993-422-4-35-21, +993-422-4-35-28